DPF H-EGR for Marine Engine

IMET’s GreenPower™ DPF-HEGR technology was demonstrated on a 1,000 KW Emergency Diesel Generator on board Holland America Line’s cruise ship MS.Volendam. This occurred in Vancouver, Canada in 2015, under the financial sponsorship from the Port of Los Angeles (POLA).

Under testing, the GreenPower™Muffler system:
– Reduced cancer-causing Particular Matter(PM) by 96%
– NOx gases reduced by 14-24% (not optimized).
– CO2 gases reduced with Fuel Saving : IMET measured a 30 degrees C drop in Exhaust Gas Exit temperature after adding water as 20% of fuel into the Hydrated-EGR unit, which turned into water vapor as it flowed into the Engine Air-Intake port. For  comparison, BMW’s M4 GTS model, the first automotive to be equipped with water-injection in history, reported a 27 degree C drop for its turbo-charged air-inlet temperature.

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IMET- GreenPower™ Muffler (truck system)for  reducing greenhouse gas emission, with fuel saving benefits of $170 Billions., as mandated by the USA-Fuel Efficiency Regulation.

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