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JULY 14, 2017 -NEWS

IMET, Ltd has  acquired three school buses for buy-sell and for road-tests.

Handicap Bus, 2007-C-7 Diesel, Excellent Cond

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The Global Climate Change (GCC) Session A
Presentation by Julius J. Rim, Ph.D.
at the US Korea Conference 2016 in Dallas, Texas

(Part 1)  Diesel Engine Pollution: VW-Violation & Korean diesel policy
(Part 2)  Fuel-Economy Increase (GCC-S/M Business)

Automotive Mufflers, used to silence  engine noise, waste lots of energy.

Our invention, GreenPower™ Muffler is the world’s first Muffler Exhaust Waste Heat(EWH) Recovery System  in which EWH fuel energy of 33-40% is recovered to boil water and generate water vapor (H-EGR) to be combusted with fuel-air mixture in the in-cylinder combustion chamber at Low Temperature Combustion(LTC) or HCCI(Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition).

GreenPower™  Oil-Borne-Catalyst (OBC) reduces engine friction, recovering loss energy, up to 7.5%, and helps regenerate Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) to save fuel.

GreenPower™ Muffler  does not use Urea-SCR to reduce NOx emission, but simply uses water to increase fuel-economy and reduce NOx. Our technology is now supported by advanced car companies such as BMW (water-injection), and Mazda(rotary engine) who claims “to be the world’s first HCCI engine maker by 2020 and the Last “Battery-Electric Vehicles.”

GreenPower™ fuel-saver patented technology is poised as the only “Silver-bullet” technology for increasing fuel-economy for all internal combustion engines in the USA by 2027.

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IMET- Dr. Rim

Message from Julius J. Rim, Ph.D,
Inventor of GreenPower™ Muffler system
(USA Patents #7,530,349; #6,892,531)

We are faced with many challenges meeting the US EPA’s Phase-I PM-NOx Emission Control and Phase-II Fuel-Economy Increase. Our GreenPower™ Muffler (DPF-HEGR Waste-Heat Recovery) reduces PM-NOx as well as increases fuel-economy system. 

Let’s uphold the US-2007 PM-NOx law, but repeal the 2010 NOx law. This is because NOx is not toxic, according to private communications with Dr. A. Mayer from VERT Association (see Dr. Rim’s open letter regarding the VW-scandal). Moreover, the US EPA over-regulated for NOx under the assumption that both PM and NOx were equally toxic.


Since 2007, DPF has been mandated for all diesel engines in the USA.  Most DPF systems used are Catalytic-DPF(C-DPF) or Catalytic Soot Filter(CSF). While working for GM in the early 1980s, Dr. Rim pioneered the world’s first Fuel-Borne Catalyst (FBC)-DPF system. In Europe, this FBC type was commercialized to regenerate the DPF in the 2000s.  A 2011 SAE Paper revealed benefits of combining FBC with C-DPF, as shown to the below.

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IMET developed the GreenPower™ Oil-Borne- Catalyst (OBC), a patented US technology, to be used in engine oil and regenerate DPF at lower temperatures, as in FBC. The GreenPower™ OBC was found effective for DPF-regeneration as well as reducing engine-friction to save fuel.

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IMET also developed a patented process for GreenPower™‘s DPF-HEGR to use water instead of using  Urea-SCR to reduce NOx emission.

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