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ARB New Regulations Announced

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IMET offers a new solution technology
for both marine and trucks
IMET soon to release its OBC for diesel trucks

IMET's Executive Summary July 29, 2015

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A Message from the inventor of GreenPower Technology July 26, 2015


IMET Releases the USA's Phase I & II Regulation Chart July 20, 2015

IMET Technology: "The Silver Bullet" - DieselPower Magazine

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IMET Technology claimed as the Silver Bullet for US Energy June 25, 2015


The Ultimate Solution to

Diesel Engine Emissions Control(see IMET presentation in Switzerland)


Ocean-Going Vessels(click here for the new technology comparison),

Heavy-Duty Trucks and

Coal-Fired Power Plants

Dr. Julius Rim Has Found A Low-Cost Solution to Save Michigan's Coal-Fired Powerplants

Learn about the solution:

Advanced clean-coal powerplant by DTE Energy (but too high costs)


Conventional Coal-Fired Power Plant Emission Control System can be upgraded with IMET technology to reduce

PM, NOx, SOx, CO. and CO2 by high-temperature filtering and reaction, NOx is reduced by low-temperature combustion by IMET's patented H-EGR System.

ESP or Fabric Filters: Key Technology for Pollution Control (Non-EPA Compliant)

With news of 7 coal-fired power plants to be closed down in Michigan this year, IMET has found a solution to save the industry by introducing a new type of filter that reduces coal-fired power plant's environmental impact, and help avert Michigan's looming energy crisis.

IMET's Solution Technology is based on ceramic filters, not fabric filters


Available August 1, 2015

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Click Here for an introduction to the: First-Ever Fuel-Saving Muffler System by Dr. Rim.

GreenPower™ Fuel Saver is an automotive muffler device, into which water is added to be heated to steam by utilizing hot waste heat from the hot exhaust pipes, otherwise being wasted in the exhaust. The patented device was designed to allow the generated steam to be taken into the air-intake port of the engine together with the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system for improved combustion of diesel fuel in the cylinder combustion chamber.

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-DieselPower on GreenPower
-MLive Article on GreenPower
-NHTSA: [CAFE] New Fuel Efficiency Proposals 2014-18

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  • IMET Technology: Great for use in automobiles, trucks, ships, and trains.
  • IMET Technology: Recovers energy from hot waste gases in the muffler. Automobile and truck engines waste as much as 40.5% of fuel energy in the form of muffler waste-heat and engine frictional loss.

  • GreenPower™ Muffler Technology: Applies water as supplemental fuel simply and without ill-effects of other water application methods such as water-injection, and water/fuel emulsion technologies.
  • GreenPower™ Muffler Technology: Improves combustion efficiency by allowing low temperature combustion process, which does not generate NOx formation.